Lisa x “Money”: Schedules To See The Performance of LALISA’s B-Side


The BLACKPINK member  Lisa will be performing the choreography for “Money” for the first time. Find out what time Lisa’s video premieres in Latin America.

The Thai member of BLACKPINK entered the Billboard charts with the two songs that she prepared for her first solo project. “LALISA” became # 6 in digital sales of the week while “Money” ranked eighth.

Release date for Lisa’s “Money”

“Money” is a hip-hop/trap genre song performed in English. The song is available on Spotify, iTunes, and other platforms from Friday, September 10; but her video performance will premiere on Thursday 23 (Seoul time).

What time is the international Lisa’s “Money” launch?

Unlike a regular MV, this video for “Money” focuses on the choreography. In fact, it is the first time that Lisa will dance to this song for her fans.

The premiere of the clip is scheduled for midnight on the 23rd in South Korea.

Timetables by countries to see Lisa’s “Money”

In Latin America, “Money” will be released on YouTube on Wednesday, September 22. Check the schedules below:

  • Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua : 9.00 am
  • Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Panama : 10:00 am
  • Bolivia, Paraguay, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico : 11.00 am
  • Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay : 12.00 pm
  • Spain : 5.00 pm

How to stream Lisa’s “Money”?

Playing K-pop music videos on YouTube or streaming is one way to boost the metrics of a music release. Fandoms set specific goals to support their favorite artists. This is a tutorial with directions for making MV views count for YouTube.

Lisa’s “Money” Teaser

This is the official poster that presents Lisa’s video performance for the song “Money”.


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