Lisa Was Offered 100 Billion Won For a Label Change? Rumors About a Contract With BLACKPINK Have Resumed


As every year, the contracts of some idols, which usually last 7 years, are coming to an end. So this means that for certain groups there is a risk of losing members, changing labels, or even permanently separating.

The band everyone is looking at this year is definitely BLACKPINK, whose contract is coming to an end.

For a while there were rumors about BLACKPINK’s contract with YG Entertainment. Many fans don’t even want the girls to re-sign with the label, thinking that they don’t get enough promotion.

Recently there were rumors that the band is signing a contract with The Black Label. Yg replied that the girls’ contracts had not ended yet.

New rumors appeared on January 23. The Munhwa Ilbo news agency reported that participants are offered much higher guarantees elsewhere than at YG Entertainment.

According to an insider, Lisa is being offered 100 billion won for a label change, which is almost impossible for YG Entertainment.

Indeed, insiders estimate that YG Entertainment should offer at least 20 billion won for each member. Some also believe that YG Entertainment is launching Baby Monster to mitigate a potential failure to close an extension agreement with BLACKPINK.

At the moment we don’t know what will happen with BLACKPINK in the future, and only time will tell what the band wants.

What would you like for the band?


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