Lisa Vanderpump weighs on Tom and Katie Split: “It’s not over until the fat lady sings”


It’s not over until it’s over! Lisa Vanderpump believes that this may not be the end of the road for Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney — at least if she has something to say about it.

“[They say] it’s not over yet for a fat woman to sing. I hope maybe I will take part in this. Yes I. They’ve always come to me for advice, and I’m going to give it.”

Vanderpump became deeply invested in the couple’s relationship after hosting their wedding in 2016. The owner of SUR told us that she is discouraged by the breakup, but attributes most of the couple’s conflict to being in the spotlight.

“I’m very disappointed,” she said in an interview with Us. “Because, obviously, I was interested in judging. I wrote a damn oath—they just had to follow it. But, you know, I think we were all in suspended reality. I think a lot of relationships have stalled because of what was going on with the pressure, and some have even blossomed.”

However, this does not mean that she thinks that the relationship is doomed. Sometimes you just need to ride the wave.

“I’ve been married for 39 years, and there have been ups and downs,” she explained. “Sometimes you want to strangle them. If someone says, “We have a perfect marriage,” they are lying. Or they’re married to something that doesn’t exist. Because I’ve never seen it.”

The separated couple may have other plans. Maloney, 35, revealed in April that she was “very open” to the idea of joining a dating group again.

“Let’s say if I was on the street and there was some kind of kissing situation, I wouldn’t refuse,” she told Us. “I’m open because I think it could potentially be good for health or maybe good for the ego.”

Vanderpump, for his part, disagrees. “They have to take a breath,” the restaurateur explained in her interview on April 22. “I don’t want [them] listening to people right now. Like, just stop.”

While the owner of Vanderpump Dogs told us she “has a lot to discuss” with the estranged couple, she’s currently focused on Vanderpump à Paris, which opened in Las Vegas on Thursday, April 21-a place she calls “the sexiest place you’ve ever seen.””. ”

“This is not a typical French bistro. People were crying when they came in here,” the reality TV star said. “You have French music and candles. Nothing is being bought. It’s just a unique restaurant, and we would love to make it. But when you walk in, you say, “Wow.”