Lisa Thrills With The Latest Teaser Of Her Solo At What Time Does It Premiere?


BLACKPINK’s Lisa surprised everyone with a new look ahead of Lalisa’s premiere. Know what are the schedules for the release of Lalisa and enjoy the exciting moment according to the weather of your country, how does the idol look for her debut solo?

Ready for the premiere of the music video and two songs by Lisa ? The YG Entertainment rapper has worked hard on her first solo music project, and thanks to the previews the idol released this season, many fans are excited about Lalisa’s arrival.

BLACKPINK’s social networks raised that feeling and good vibes, since just an hour before the premiere of the solo they presented a new teaser photo where the rapper looks spectacular.

Lisa appears lying down and with her eyes narrowed while her hands are near her head, the girl wears a fashionista outfit with golden glitters that make her look like a character from a fantasy story.

The poster with red tones includes the title D-DAY, announcing that the moment to meet a new side of the singer through Lalisa is here.


If you want to enjoy this premiere from the first moment, we tell you that the MV will be available in a few hours. It will arrive at 1:00 PM in South Korean time, but if you want to know the schedules for Latin America and Spain, then we will tell you what you should know:

September 9

  • 10:00 PM El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala
  • 11:00 PM Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador

September, 10th

  • 12:00 AM Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Paraguay
  • 01:00 AM Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil
  • 06:00 AM Spain


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