Lisa surprises with new Chris Brown dance cover


The idol amazed with her talent for creating new choreographies. BLACKPINK’s Lisa surprises with a new dance cover to the tune of Chris Brown’s “City Girls”.

The group has already finished with the promotions of “How You Like That”, so they are now preparing for their second pre-launch before their official comeback in September. Lisa took time to update her YouTube channel with an energetic new video.

Through her official channel Lali Film Official, Lisa revealed an urban dance cover of “City Girls”,the choreography is done by the choreographer Cheshir Ha, who also joined her to dancing in this new MV.

It is not the first time that the singer shows off her skill and dance steps, she has done it on other occasions, for some reason she is the main dancer of the group. In the video clip, Lisa can be seen in urban style, wearing a bandana, baggy pants and a top.

During the choreography, the singer shows great execution in each of her movements, as well as the reflexes she has to move her body to the rhythm of the song. Lisa was accompanied by 3 other dancers, as if it was her own music video.

The video lasts 2 minutes, the singer’s look also wore black extensions, giving her a more attractive image for the style of music she chose. Despite her new video, messages of support for Lisa have been circulated on social networks, as she apparently suffered a shoulder injury during the promotions of “How you like that”.

It is not known if the injury is serious or if it was just a very abrupt movement, without a doubt, she always gives everything in each of her dances. Did you like this cover?

Lisa also shared behind-the-scenes photos of the dance cover.

Lisa’s success is not only limited to K-pop, in addition to being a great dancer, she was a judge in a Chinese reality to look for a new girl group, in addition to setting a trend in fashion, but her success has also been reason for that they take advantage of her, like her ex-manager, accused of defrauding her.

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