Lisa Rinna criticizes viewers of “Real Housewives” for comments about actors’ children: “Enough is enough”


A real mother bear! Lisa Rinna believes that the children of the actors of “Real Housewives” should be banned for everyone.

Children of real housewives: then and now

“We’re doing a TV show. We try to entertain you. Why can’t you treat this as a fight for God’s sake? Love us, love and hate us, but leave the kids alone,” the 59—year-old reality TV star wrote in her Instagram story on Tuesday, August 23.

She went on to name several cases where viewers have spoken negatively about the children of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” stars, including Erica Jane’s son, Tommy Zizzo, receiving “threats.”

The Melrose Place graduate also accused fans of attacking her own children, saying: “What you said and did to my own children is disgusting.” She has daughters Delilah, 24, and Amelia, 21, with husband Harry Hamlin.

“They didn’t sign up for this. What are you doing?! Children — all our children — should be banned, so stop it now. Enough is enough,” Lisa wrote.

Bravo employee Garcelle Beauvais shared a post in her Instagram story. The “Trip to America” actress also addressed the situation via Twitter. “I’m usually a very strong woman, I was raised strong, my life taught me to be strong, but when it comes to my children! It hurts me, it’s not normal, I was in tears all night, it’s just a TV show, people are yelling at your TV, throwing something at your TV, but leave our children alone,” she wrote.

Lisa Rinna, family photos of Harry Hamlin with his daughters

The former model’s 14-year-old son Jax became the center of the RHOBH season 12 storyline after Erica told the teen to “get the hell out” of his mother’s birthday party during the July episode.

“This is a thank-you post to my sons Oliver, Jax and Jade. I am so proud of you boys… you are loving, kind and respectful. You show respect to people, even if they don’t deserve it. Respect is a reflection of your character, not theirs,” Garcel captioned a July photo of her sons on Twitter, apparently casting a shadow on the “XXPEN$IVE” singer for berating Jax.

Kyle Richards also received a backlash for the way she reacted to the incident between Erica and Garcel’s son. “I mean, it’s not funny, but it’s funny. “I like to see her more relaxed side,” RHOBH OG said of Erica’s comments during the July episode. After viewers found her behavior insensitive, the Little House on the Prairie alum defended herself via her Instagram story.

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“I didn’t see what Erica said to Jax personally, but I was told about it the next day along with some funny moments. When I said, “It’s not funny, but it’s funny,” I meant that drunk Erica is funny, and what she said to Jax is not,” Kyle wrote.

She continued: “I hope you already know me well enough to know that I definitely do not approve of such conversations with children. We are all parents and, of course, we would not want anyone to talk to our children like that.”


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