Lisa models the best CELINE outfits for ELLE China


Lisa wore incredible outfits in her photoshoot with ELLE China, we tell you the details of this publication where the BLACKPINK rapper will be the star.

The BLACKPINK girls took the world by storm with their talents, but their fashion sense has always gone hand in hand to help them shine on and off stage. Lisa joined ELLE magazine for a photoshoot and showed her talent in front of the camera

ELLE China captured the attention of the BLINKS thanks to Lisa being the cover image for the December issue. The Thai idol wears incredible outfits that show us her wonderful image and her style of dressing.


The BLACKPINK rapper had a photoshoot where she showed off many incredible looks, her talent, and charisma. Lisa wore outfits from CELINE, a brand for which she is an ambassador and which she has worn on a large number of occasions.

The images have mostly cold tones, where the idol wears a calm, elegant and seductive expression. Lisa’s looks include her signature bangs and short black hair she has been wearing since the most recent BLACKPINK promotions.

In terms of outfits, Lisa experimented with a host of styles, sporting everything from elegant dresses, high-necked blouses to blue jeans.

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