Lisa Doesn’t Go To Fashion Week And Fans Show Their Anger At YG


BLACKPINK’s Lisa is in Paris, but it seems to be not for Fashion Week. Lisa and all the members of BLACKPINK are some of the most famous female stars of the moment, even in the world of fashion, why won’t the idol be at Fashion Week?

Great songs, stage presence and a great sense of fashion are all part of what we know about BLACKPINK and for that very reason several luxury brands have chosen the singers as global ambassadors .

We recently saw Jisoo and Rosé leave for France to join Paris Fashion Week shows , later Jennie would follow in their footsteps and it was expected that the next would be Lisa , as the idol also has contracts with major designer brands.

The Money interpreter took a flight to Europe and landed in France , but everyone got a big surprise when it was announced that the singer will not join the parades that are yet to take place, what is the reason?


As we have seen numerous fashion events in Paris, many cities around the world will have their own show within their Fashion Week , taking advantage of the fact that Lisa is in Europe she might have the possibility of joining one, either in Paris or in another city, but BVLGARI stated that it will not do so due to the K-Pop company .

Lisa is the ambassador of this jewelry brand and the CEO has announced that the company that represents the idol does not want this girl to attend events due to the health risks involved in a public event at the moment, because the situation living in the world could still be dangerous.

However, fans have argued that this is illogical because Rosé , Jisoo and Jennie were able to join fashion shows, so the annoyance in the fans rose and they quickly began to send messages on social networks demanding that they allow Lisa. work correctly together with the prestigious brands with which it has contracts.

According to the BLILNKS, this is not the first time that YG Entertainment affects Lisa’s involvement with the brands she represents, as sometimes she is not allowed to join shows or interact with other celebrities, so some companies and magazines would also have expressed why it is so difficult to get the idol to join them in ad campaigns and photo shoots.

The hashtag #YGLetLisadoHerWork made its way into social networks and obtained a large number of tweets where fans made all Internet users see this situation.


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