Lisa from BLACKPINK shows you her perspective of the world


Lisa from BLACKPINK shows you her perspective of the world on Instagram .

Lisa from BLACKPINK has always been a lover of photography, showing great talent for this art. Once again it has been demonstrated by sharing a beautiful photo on Instagram of a pinkish sky.

Check out the photo below:

Also, she shared with fans several images of one of her kittens in her Instagram story:

Check out the fan comments below:

“You have to take a picture of me when you come to Thailand Lisa .. I love you!”

“Lisa is so beautiful. I love you! Come on! I’m a BLINK from China”

“Lalisa, my queen, you are so pretty”

“Lisa from BLACKPINK is showing us a new facet of her. She is not just an excellent dancer, a beautiful model and a skilled rapper. She is also an incredible photographer whose talent does not know how to make good use of YG Entertainment. ”

“I think that image of the sky is the representation of the soul of Lalisa, pure, beautiful and beautiful.”

“Lisa is pretty and cool. She is good at singing, rapping and dancing … She can speak Korean perfectly and always works hard! BLACKPINK, aren’t you coming back in the second half of the year?”

“We want to see more of Lalisa’s talent. It is true that all that of the photos and a lot of other things that she is doing is fine, but I want to see her sing, that is her main dowry”

“Lisa’s face and body are really good, like a Barbie doll. Small face and long legs, like a model.”

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