Lisa Banes, Actress From Garota Exemplar, Dies After Motorcycle Accident


Actress Lisa Banes died last Monday (14) after ten days in hospital after an accident. Banes was hit by a motorcycle on June 4 on the Upper West Side, New York, and suffered severe brain damage.

According to the actress’ rep, she was crossing Amsterdam Avenue to meet wife Kathryn Kranhold when she was hit by the vehicle. The driver did not stop to provide assistance and no suspects have yet been found. It was the first time that Banes had visited the city since the beginning of the pandemic.

“We are sore souls about this passage from Lisa. She was a woman of great spirit, generous and caring, dedicated to her work, both on stage and in front of the cameras — and even more so with her wife, family and friends. We were blessed to have her in our lives,” said the actress’ rep for E! Online.

The actress debuted in productions such as Garota Exemplar, A Cura and in the movie Cocktail. In the series world, Banes starred in Once Upon a Time, Borderline Talent, Nashville: In the Rhythm of Fame, Written Murder, Frasier, Legacy and One Life to Live. Her last work was on Amazon Prime Video’s Them series. On Broadway, the actress played Cassie in the play Rumors, in 1988.


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