Lisa Apologizes For The Cultural Appropriation Of The Look She Used In “Money”


BLACKPINK idol Lisa held a fancall in which she apologized to her fans. Lalisa Manoban premiered the video performance of “Money” , the b-side of her first solo album entitled LALISA . However, her followers reported a problem with the artist’s look. This would have made cultural appropriation with her hairstyle by wearing dreadlocks.

Lisa held a fancall, also known as a video call fan meeting, and a fan read a letter in front of her, expressing her concerns about her hairstyle and they discussed the issue together.

Lisa apologizes to her fans

Despite the fact that it was a sensitive topic, Lisa listened to the fan attentively; She even asked her staff to extend the fancall to six minutes, when in reality it lasted 90 seconds. The artist apologized to the fan after listening to her.

LISA: “I didn’t know … I had no bad intentions. I thought the hairstyle was cool and that was it. But I feel very bad, in case someone got hurt … I’m very sorry ”.

The BLACKPINK fan let Lisa know that her fans would support her regardless, while the singer continued to apologize.

LISA: “I’m so sorry. This is something we need to review again … I’ll be more careful, sorry. Thank you for letting me know about this and tell all your friends that I am sorry and that I had no bad intentions. ”

See here the complete fancall.

BLACKPINK fan reactions

Fans of the Korean quartet shared their support through social media and congratulated Lisa’s initiative to continue her education to be better informed on the subject.


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