Lisa and Lenny Hochstein from RHOM broke up after almost 13 years of marriage, he is dating Katarina Mazepa


It’s over for Lisa Hochstein and Lenny Hochstein, and he’s already moving on.

The news of the split came after Page Six reported that the 55-year-old plastic surgeon was spotted partying with model Katarina Mazepa at a Miami club. Although he denied rumors of a breakup at the time, the publication reported that 39-year-old Lisa and co-star Larsa Pippen ran into him at a club.

“A few weeks ago I denied it because I’m trying my best to protect my family during this process,” Lenny told Us on Monday. “It’s true that I’m dating Katarina, but none of this happened until after the decision on divorce was made. This is a very difficult time, and I would like to ask for some privacy so that we can take better care of our children, who mean the whole world to us.”

Lenny and Lisa, who got married in October 2009, have two children: 6-year-old Logan and 2-year-old Elle. (They eventually welcomed their two children through a surrogate mother.) During the 4th season of the rebooted series “Peacock” Lisa admitted that the couple almost broke up due to a break in the show.

“We almost got divorced, and it was terrible. During this separation, Lenny had this emotional affair with some two-dollar whore,” she said during the premiere of season 4, broadcast in December 2021, adding that he “came back groveling, and it was the best decision of his life.”

Subsequently, the reality star opened E! News about a difficult time in their marriage.

“We’ve been together for 14 years, almost 15 years, and it’s like a lifetime in Miami,” she said at the time. “Like everyone else, we had problems, we had ups and downs. But we have always been there and never give up. There are problems in every relationship that they have to work with, and my advice is just keep it up, don’t give up and stay with your boyfriend, with your girlfriend.”

She added: “It just seems to me that everyone thinks the grass is always greener [on the other side], and it’s not. You’re going to have another set of problems with another person, so my philosophy is to stick with that person you love, the person you started a family with, the person you have a history with, and make it your love story.”