Lionel Messi soon golden ball? We know more!


As every year, the golden ball will reward the best player of the year. While he is not the favorite, the rumors announce that it is indeed Lionel Messi who could be crowned for the sixth time.

More than ever, this year’s golden ball seems very open. There are many players who clearly postulate. But difficult to name a favorite that will make everyone agree. However, according to a leak, Lionel Messi could well grab for the sixth time the precious trophy.

Some would like this to be a Liverpool player who is awarded the trophy. European Champion and second in the Premier League, the Reds have had a full season. Virgil Van Dijk attracted the spotlight to the point of being among the favorites. Patron of an iron defense, he would be the first defender ball of gold since Fabio Cannavaro in 2006. The player has for example not been dribbled once in the Premier League.

Senegalese Sadio Mané is also among the favorites. Flagship striker of the Reds, he made a full season, finishing even top scorer in the Premier League. He would even present himself as the favorite if he had led his country to the coronation at the Africa Cup of Nations. Unfortunately, Senegal was defeated in the final of the competition by Algeria. A black spot in a golden season.

It is however Mundo Deportivo who announces it, Lionel Messi could be sacred. Despite a quick elimination in the Champion League, he is still the author of a full season. He could therefore win his sixth golden ball. Which would make him the only player in this case. As a reminder, he is currently tied with Ronaldo. But could therefore exceed it. Credible according to you?

So, a sixth coronation of Lionel Messi would be deserved? See you in six days to find out more. And you, do you have a favorite?…


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