Lionel Messi said goodbye to Barcelona with tears! Why did Lionel Messi leave?


The Argentine star said goodbye to Barcelona with tears, the same question came to mind! Why did Lionel Messi leave? While the Argentine star Lionel Messi left Barcelona in tears, where he sweated his jersey for 21 years, the question “Why did Messi leave?” appeared in the minds of football fans.

Lionel Messi started his career in Barcelona infrastructure. Messi had to leave Barcelona, ​​where he achieved great success.

After the election of Joan Laporta as Barcelona’s president, Messi’s stay in the team was considered certain, while the new contract was stuck in LaLiga’s salary limit.

While Barcelona’s revenues decreased drastically after the pandemic, it became impossible for Messi to stay in the team due to player salaries exceeding club incomes.


Stating that LaLiga had to part ways with the Argentine star due to FFP rules, President Joan Laporta said: “Leo Messi wanted to stay in Barcelona. We made an agreement. But we inherited a terrible legacy. Player salaries are 110% of club income. To Messi. We don’t have a pay gap to give. La Liga limits set by ‘s limit us. Everything about Messi’s departure has to do with La Liga’s FFP rules. We spend much more than we expect. We have a big salary budget and it doesn’t leave us any gaps. Due to FFP, we could not comply with the contract we agreed with Messi.” He clarified the issue of separation.


Saying goodbye to the Catalan team in tears at a press conference today, Messi stated that the reason for leaving was economic, “I have many good memories in Barcelona. However, going on the field for the first time was a dream. I will never forget that moment. Then everything was great, but everything started.” I will never forget that first moment. Leaving this club will completely change my life. I could not continue in Barcelona. I, the club, Laporta; did everything we could, but La Liga did not allow it. I have been in Barcelona since I was 13. 21 years later, my wife and three little boys I’m leaving here with my child. I can’t say for sure that we won’t be back because this is my home.” he said.


Growing up from the infrastructure of Barcelona, ​​Messi won 34 trophies, 10 of which were La Liga and 4 of which were UEFA Champions League, with the Spanish team, for which he played for 17 seasons.

Argentine football player, who played 778 matches with Barcelona in all lanes, aired the opponent’s nets 672 times.

During this period, Messi won the Golden Ball (Ballon d’Or) award given to the player of the year 6 times.


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