Lionel Messi: details of his contract with FC Barcelona revealed!


Lionel Messi’s contract expires in a year. FC Barcelona had to make him a new proposal and we explain everything to you.

Lionel Messi is at FC Barcelona and does not want to leave his team. So he just got a brand new contract.

This year, football has experienced some turbulence because of the Covid-19. As a result, many games have been canceled and this has caused some clubs to worry about money.

FC Barcelona have been affected by these financial problems and the club must manage the contract of Lionel Messi. Indeed, the player could very well choose to leave it in a year. Nevertheless, the FC have every interest in retaining one of their best players.

At first sight, Messi does not want to say goodbye to his team and he would be ready to stay at FC Barcelona. Thus, the club has made a whole new agreement with the player and we already know some closings.

So, will Lionel Messi have a raise to stay? The club could have chosen to pay more for it to make sure it stayed. However, it does not seem to be the case.


According to media Marca, Lionel Messi’s contract already seems ready. Both the player and FC Barcelona have agreed on the duration of the contract. It will therefore be two years old and should therefore end in 2023.

Then, the Argentinian asked for a clause so that he can leave the club whenever he wants and in complete freedom. This detail was already present in his old contract and the player is very keen on it. Lionel wants to be able to leave FC Barcelona if he realizes that he is no longer on level or if something goes wrong.

In terms of salary, Lionel Messi is not going to have a raise. La Pulga will continue to receive 35 million euros per season. It’s already a pretty sum and the player seems to be happy with it.

Finally, it seems that the club and the player are already ready to sign this new contract. For his part, Lionel will have two more years to show what he is capable of. In addition, it could be that this contract is the last of the player.


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