Linux Kernel 5.6 has been announced with new features! Geri

Linus Torvalds announced Linux Kernel 5.6 with many improvements, including WireGuard VPN support. Torvalds said in the official announcement that although most engineers work from home due to the corona virus, updates are not affected by the situation. However, he also stressed that he expects a slowdown due to the pandemic and social distance.

A number of innovations are coming with Linux Kernel 5.6
Linux new kernel brings many innovations to users. As for the innovations in the version, the good news is undoubtedly the addition of WireGuard VPN support for those who want to go through IPsec. The kernel also supports USB4 connectivity. In addition, support came for Amazon Echo. Network connectivity issues have also been fixed.

5.7 release coming in June
Torvalds also clarified why Linux 5.6 was released quickly before a new release candidate release. New changes included according to Torvalds do not require delaying the release date. Expressing his views on 5.7, Torvalds announced that the works on the new version are continuing and implementing innovations.

Linux 5.7 is said to come in June.

More Linux 5.6 criteria will emerge in Phoronix in the coming days.



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