Linux Kernel 5.13 Is Announced With Improvements and Support For M1 Macs


Linux Kernel 5.13, Last Sunday (27), Linux Kernel 5.13 gained support for Macs with M1 chip. With the new feature, it will be possible to try out the operating system on the new Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, Mac mini and iMac.

The announcement was made by prominent developer Linus Torvald on his blog: “it’s one of the biggest releases of version 5.x, with over 16,000 code changes (over 17,000 if you count the merges) made by more than 2,000 developers,” he explains.

Previously, some enthusiasts had already been able to run Linux on M1 devices through virtual machines and even in a Corellium build. However, its implementation was not native and, as a result, some features did not work correctly or needed improvised solutions to work.

Linux now has official support for Apple’s new processor, but it’s still in its early stages. This means that features like graphics acceleration and “other things to be fixed”, as the Phoronix website points out, should still be properly implemented soon.

News and availability

Called “Opossums On Parade”, the new version of Linux also features several compatibility improvements and new features, such as: Intel driver tweaks that seek to reduce the temperature emitted by processors, bug fixes for AMD Zen, support for Hyper -V on 64 bit ARM processors and RISC-V improvements, among many other new features.

The Linux Kernel 5.13 is downloadable now, but it needs to be compiled to work. For most users, it is recommended to wait for the release of the version for the distribution of the system they are used to using, such as Ubuntu, for example.


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