Linux: Gnome 3.40 will have battery saving feature


Gnome 3.40 will have a power scheme feature, similar to that found in Windows 10, that will allow the system to save the notebook battery. The functionality is especially useful when the user is using the device with a low charge and does not have an outlet nearby.

Version 3.40 of Gnome is still in the early stages of development, but one of the developers working on the project has already detailed how the feature will work.

There will be three energy schemes: “High performance”, “Balanced” and “Energy saving”. Initially, the High Performance scheme will only be compatible with devices equipped with Intel processors that have power states (P-States), and only on machines that have the appropriate drivers. Support for other processors will be introduced later.

The “Balanced” and “Energy saving” schemes can be activated on machines with any type of processor.

It is great news that arrives in the Linux world, since this type of configuration is not usually available very easily for users. Generally, users can only change the CPU schedule, but this is done from the command line, and requires the computer to be restarted.

Gnome 3.40 will be the default graphical interface for future versions of Ubuntu, in addition to other distributions that have variants with this desktop environment, such as Fedora.

Gnome 3.38 Orbis has just been released!

While there is no forecast for the release of Gnome 3.40, version 3.38 was released exactly this Wednesday (16), with several new features, bug fixes and performance improvements.

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