Linux era on Macs with Apple M1 processors


Apple attracted attention with its processor specially developed for its Macs as last year’s bomb. Apple M1 processor Macs went on sale shortly after they were introduced and performance tests were initiated. Under normal conditions, these Macs running MacOS will now be able to run Linux.

Apple gains support for Mac Linux with M1 processor

According to emerging reports, Apple’s Macs with M1 processors are getting a new Linux support. In this way, Macs with new processors are enabled to run Ubuntu.

Thanks to this step, which supports core source codes, the security tests performed are successful. Correllium, a security company that offers a virtualized version of iOS, has been able to successfully transfer Ubuntu to Mac devices with the new M1. A tutorial has even been published for this migration process.

The modified version of Ubuntu is easily installed in the normal user interface. The Correllium team also shares detailed information on how to do this migration. In this way, in-depth reading is offered to those who are interested in details and this migration process.

It can be seen as pretty good news for those who like to switch between different operating systems. In addition, Hector Martin, a Linux developer, was able to run Linux on Apple devices with M1 processors. It can be said that the reason why developers make this preference in general is Linux’s silent and ARM-based working ability.


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