Linux-Based Operating System Promising Error-Free Updates: Windows 12


There is now an alternative for those who are tired of Microsoft’s Windows operating system or who do not want to deal with the errors they encounter on Windows 10 anymore. A group of developers developing Linux-based Windows 12 promises a unique operating system experience with error-free updates.

Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest operating system, may not satisfy all users. Many users may not want to use Windows 10 due to the errors they encounter. If you are one of these users, you can check out Windows 12.

A Reddit user stated that it corresponded to the Windows 12 Lite CDs and the presentation that came with the operating system at a computer fair. The ad text that emphasizes that there is no virus and ransomware danger: “No updates, you can use whenever you want. No failed updates. No viruses and ransomware. Windows 12 is immune to harmful things. ”

What is Windows 12?
Although its name is Windows, this operating system does not have any connection with Microsoft. So Microsoft has not released a new operating system. Windows 12 is a Linux Lite based operating system using the Windows 10 theme.

According to the official website of Windows 12, this operating system comes with the Windows 10 theme and icon pack. The definition of Windows 12 on the site is as follows:

“All the problems of weak operating systems are solved with Windows 12 Lite 4.8, which is a great operating system. This system is much better than Windows 10 in every respect. This is not Microsoft; this is Windows 12 Lite. You can replace Windows 10, install both and have a much better operating system. This is the fastest and best in the world. ”

How accurate it is to use the name of Microsoft’s licensed product for a Linux-based operating system is discussed. The developers may have to change the name after a certain period of time. So what do you think about Windows 12?


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