Linus Torvalds talking about Linux 5.11


This weekend, Linus Torvalds, the developer of the open source Linux operating system, released yet another update to version 5.11, the third since launching the 5.11-rc1 kernel on Sunday just after Christmas.

No one can deny that Linus Torvalds is a legend within the open source community, not only for the way he kept his principles in the form of a gigantic project, but also for the sarcastic, offensive and even abusive way he leads his developers around the world .

This was no different, when the Finnish launched, on the first working day of this year (4), Linux 5.11-rc2, which was purposely reduced because, according to Torvalds in a statement, “some people are still on vacation or in a coma extended food ”due to the holiday season.

However, it seems that the Linux big man broke his face, and ended up recognizing that his decision that the development of the 5.11 kernel would require an extra version to absorb the dreaded impact of the holiday “was just wrong”. Without losing his sarcasm, he addressed it to himself, saying it was “incoherent ramblings of an old madman”.

Linux 5.11-rc3

Meanwhile, in the adult world, Linux 5.11-rc3 arrived, and much larger than the average, leading Torvalds to admit that this was due to “some suppressed fixes”, mainly because that rc2 is so tiny.

In the statement, Torvalds notes that changes in the launch are quite normal. He explains that about half of the rc3 patch consists of drivers, with self-test updates (mainly kvm and netfilter), “with another 15% healthy”.

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Therefore, it is to be expected that Linux 5.11 will follow its normal course, and that it will be ready for the final release planned for mid-February. Unless the “crazy old man” attacks the development of his brilliant, lasting and important creation again.


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