Linus Tech Tips is “extremely skeptical” about the durability of OTK’s Starforge computers.


PC expert and content creator Linus Tech Tips said he was “extremely skeptical” about the survival of Starforge Systems during the technical review.

Linus Sebastian and the Linus Tech Tips team, as the most viewed technocentric YouTube channel on the platform, know all the subtleties of PC assembly and production.

Since it’s a very lucrative industry, it’s not surprising that companies like Starforge Systems, owned by influencers, have been eager to enter the market with some expensive off-the-shelf systems for sale.

Sebastian has now reviewed the Horizon Creator edition PC sent by the company, in which he said he was “extremely skeptical” about the company’s survivability quite early on.

Linus Tech Tips Reviews Starforge Systems PCs
Sebastian began his review by admitting that while the systems building business looks quite attractive from the outside, there are many pitfalls associated with its creation.

Further, the technical YouTuber said that these pitfalls, combined with the fact that Starforge Systems belongs to “a group of Twitch streamers with no obvious business acumen,” among other factors made him think that the company was “doomed to failure.”

For those who may not know, Starforge System is owned by OTK Media members and popular content creator Charlie “MoistCr1TiKal” White.


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