Linktree: What is it and how does Instagram get your bio?


You have probably come across on social media a page from a service called Linktree which, basically, is a great hub of shortcuts and addresses referring to a brand or person. Through a single address, it is possible to have access to the different profiles on platforms, in addition to other relevant related content.

But do you know exactly what this service is and how it works? The platform is very simple to configure, but it has some secrets and is more suitable for professional use, since it is not free forever.

Creating branches

Linktree is an independent online service created in 2016, but only recently popularized, including in Brazil.

The platform allows the creation of a reference page about you or your company, as a kind of starting point for a visitor to learn more about your work – almost like a landing page, in terms of digital marketing.

When creating a page on Linktree, you can insert shortcuts to whatever you want. This includes profiles on various social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and the like), specific posts, WhatsApp number to add to contacts, the official website or even any important links, such as addresses that lead to a digital store , for example.

The page generated by Linktree can be completely personalized and is much more striking than a simple collection of links. The user is able to change the background image, the icons of social networks, the format and the color of the buttons and even insert an emoji to the name of the link.

In addition to being a central address, the platform displays traffic statistics so you can control access and know which channels are attracting the most people.

The address can also be integrated with Pixel, from Facebook, and Analytics, from Google, generating even more complete reports on its performance on networks. The platform offers real-time support for you to answer questions or report any problems.

How to share and embed on Instagram

After properly configuring the shortcuts on your Linktree, the result of the page is a short link, with the domain of the platform and your username or service.

This address can be shared freely, but it is especially common to be used as a bio on Instagram. The social network even allows the addition of links in the profile description, but it is possible to put only one address at a time.

It’s paid?

Remember that Linktree is a free service only for a limited time. Account creation is free of charge and it is possible to use the tool for 14 days without payment, but after that period it is necessary to subscribe to the service. There are two plans: the Expert, which is the annual payment, and the Pro, with monthly charges.

That is, the service is more suitable for those who have a company, are an entrepreneur or influencer, and need a single address to concentrate various information.


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