Linktree: how to use the platform that groups links on your Instagram


Linktree is a tool that allows the user to disclose the links of all their social networks in the Instagram bio. It is often used by digital influencers to publicize other networks and by companies, which insert the sites for selling their products.

Linktree: how to use
In addition to allowing the inclusion of links to all of your social networks, Linktree also allows its users to check click statistics and also how many people have viewed the link in their bio. It is also possible to add an avatar and choose one of the available themes.

Linktree registration can be done directly through the tool’s website. First of all, it is important that the user enters data such as his email, username and password. It is also possible to link the platform to Instagram to login.

Linktree: adding links
After registering on the platform, the user will be directed to a screen where they must insert the links to their social networks. To do this, just click on “Add new link” and, in your profile for each of the networks, copy the address in the browser bar.

Now, to add your Linktree links on Instagram, just copy the URL on the right side of the screen, in “My Linktree” and go to your Instagram settings, where you can paste the address in the “website” space.

Linktree: access to statistics
Now, if you want to view the statistics of views and clicks on your Linktree address, just click on “Analytics” at the top of the screen. The free version of the tool allows you to access only the number of views, not clicks.

Linktree Premium
Linktree Premium subscription costs around US $ 6 and allows access to more global access statistics – such as accesses per day and week – possibility to schedule links that will be part of your network, organize them by priority, add images to the links , collect emails, customization, premium themes, font and button changes, header and background customization, and integrations with Google Sheets, and the Amazon Influencer Program, as well as YouTube & Vimeo.


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