LinkedIn’s Design Finally Changes After 5 Years


Microsoft announced that the LinkedIn design will change after a long interval of 5 years. According to the statements made, the blue theme we are used to on LinkedIn will disappear. The team aims to offer users a simpler and more modern design with their work.

One of the most popular services of the US-based technology giant Microsoft is LinkedIn. As a service focused on the business world, LinkedIn enables people to make job applications and follow other names in the industry. Microsoft has not made any visual improvements for this service in the past 5 years. Recent remarks reveal that LinkedIn’s overall design will finally change.

According to the statements made by Microsoft, LinkedIn’s new design will offer users a simpler and modern experience. In addition, Microsoft aims to improve the user experience with this design update. According to the LinkedIn team, the desktop version of the new design will look like this;

The work done by the LinkedIn design team offers users a warmer experience with green and blue colors. The team has added more buttons to LinkedIn to speed up transactions. In addition, LinkedIn’s new design is prepared in a more user-oriented way, reducing the intensity of blue, the symbol of LinkedIn. According to Microsoft, users will now have an easier time understanding how to use LinkedIn.

Simplicity is an important consideration for many users. Being aware of this, the LinkedIn design team says that it increases the gaps in design. In this context, the team, which reduces decorative symbols and distinctive lines, aims to provide users with a simpler and simpler experience. Not satisfied with all these, the LinkedIn design team also allows for text scaling and contrast adjustment in the new design it creates.

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These are not the only changes in LinkedIn’s new design. Stating that they will bring many new features in the future, the design team also says that users can use dark mode. However, users will not be able to use this new design right away. Microsoft states that this new LinkedIn design will be available to all users around the world in the next few months.


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