LinkedIn Will Be Discontinued In China Later In 2021 [Updated]


LinkedIn: Microsoft announced this Thursday (14) that it will end this year the Chinese version of LinkedIn, a social network for business and employment. The platform was opened in the Asian country in February 2014 and will be closed because of the “significantly challenging operating environment”.

The announcement was made by Mohak Shroff, senior vice president and manager of engineering at LinkedIn. In a publication, he commented that extending the service to China seven years ago was intended to connect professionals and make them productive and successful.

The executive acknowledged that the company already knew, at that time, that it would be difficult to comply with the requirements of the Chinese dictatorship, which is very restrictive with the internet. “While we strongly support freedom of expression, we take this approach to create value for our members in China and around the world,” he said.

While he said that during this period many Chinese were able to connect professionally, find jobs and stay informed of the job market, Shroff argued that LinkedIn “has not found the same level of success in the more social aspects”.


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