LinkedIn users data leaked! 500 million users


LinkedIn user’s data leaked. It has recently been revealed that the information of 533 million Facebook users has been leaked to the Internet. While the shock of this leak has not passed, it was learned that another very large-scale leak occurred. The source of this new leak is the professional social network LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft.

According to the report of the CyberNews site, this leak is nothing short of a Facebook leak. It was stated that personal information seized from 500 million LinkedIn profiles in a hacker form was put up for sale.

The sales sample with 2 million profiles allows to find out what the captured information is. There appears to be a lot of leaked information such as users’ full names, email addresses, phone numbers and gender. In the statement made by LinkedIn, it is noted that some of the data is taken from other platforms.

The company’s statement includes the following statements: “We examined the sample data set that was put up for sale and allegedly taken from LinkedIn. As a result of our examination, we came to the conclusion that the aforementioned information was collected from various websites and companies. ”

In the statement of LinkedIn, it was also underlined that private data in the accounts cannot be accessed. This shows that the leaked information may actually be taken from the public profiles of the users. The social network also emphasizes that there is no data breach on its side.

LinkedIn has not yet notified its users with the information in the data set in question. While no statement has been made from the company on the issue, an investigation has already been initiated in Italy regarding LinkedIn.