LinkedIn Reaches 50 Million Users Mark in Brazil


This Monday (16), LinkedIn announced that it has surpassed the mark of 50 million users in the country. With this number, the national community becomes the fourth largest in the world, just behind China, the United States and India – in total, the social network has about 774 million members.

The online resume platform also revealed that it assimilates 130 new users per minute and engagement has also grown. Compared to the previous year, there was a 35% increase in public conversations and a 29% increase in content sharing.

The company achieved global revenue of $10 billion in the last fiscal year, indicating an increase of 27%. Since the acquisition by Microsoft in 2016, the company’s revenue has tripled, with half of the growth coming from markets outside the United States.

“We have lawyers, engineers and doctors, but also singers, content producers, football players and astronauts. We are here for those who are looking for their first job and also for those who have lived a good part of their professional lives, those who want to do it. business and those who are considering a career change,” said Milton Beck, LinkedIn Director General for Latin America.

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In addition to recently becoming the most downloaded social media app in the world, TikTok tested “Resumes” in July, a site apart from the app that offers job openings and where interested parties can submit video resumes.

LinkedIn already joined this “wave” of videos with Cover Story this year, which allows the creation of a clip as a kind of introduction to the client’s profile, complementing the data offered.


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