LinkedIn is creating marketplace for companies


LinkedIn may soon gain a marketplace page to connect companies and freelancers who offer short-term services. According to information obtained by The Information, Microsoft’s social network is working on a new way to rival startups that offer freelance services like Fiverr and Upwork.

The marketplace was being developed by a team led by Matt Faustman, former commander of the company UpCounsel. The company had a platform that connected lawyers and clients, but was closed last year after being merged with LinkedIn.

According to The Information, Faustman has been working since 2019 to launch a job marketplace platform on LinkedIn. Apparently, the tool may work in a similar way to UpCounsel, but covering more industries.

All on LinkedIn

According to the information, the LinkedIn marketplace will allow companies to search for specific services and easily compare the profile of different professionals. In addition, the tool is expected to feature an assessment area in which companies will leave opinions about the services provided by the freelancer.

The platform will also allow all trading to be carried out within LinkedIn. According to The Information, the marketplace will feature native money transfer tools, which can facilitate payment for services.

In addition to ensuring more convenience for users, the function of transferring money would also come with a fee, as is the case with platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork. Thus, if the employer decides to make the payment for the tool, LinkedIn would receive a usage fee for the transaction, guaranteeing yet another form of monetization for the social network.

So far, LinkedIn has not commented on the matter and the launch of the marketplace for freelancers has yet to reach the social network.


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