Linkedin design has been renewed; Like Facebook!


Linkedln appears with its renewed design. Linkedln was previously on the agenda with some new features. The platform, which focuses on messaging and wants to encourage business-oriented official speeches, has already put this into action and now draws attention with its renewed design.

The new design that users encounter in both the web version and the mobile version is surprising by the fact that it resembles Facebook as an interface. Because Linkedln, which has been advancing more business-oriented for many years and enabling people to find new jobs, seems to be a different strategy to appear as one of the most popular social networks.

Linkedln renewed design

The previously popular blogging platform Medium has undergone a design change and has been highly criticized. In general, when the designs of the popular and used platforms change, they are actually more functional, but they may not be liked because there is a habituation. In addition, no comments have yet been made about the newly changed Linkedln interface, but its general appearance looks like a social media platform.

Although those who escape from networks such as Facebook and take shelter in platforms such as Linkedln will not like this design, the renewed design looks more functional.

As far as the platform, which was brought to the agenda with its ” scrolling up ” feature before, it was tested for the upward scrolling feature. What do you think of this design? Do you think it looks better than the previous design?


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