LinkedIn brings cross-company ‘benchmarking’ option!


LinkedIn plays a role in the development of companies with a new feature. Within the scope of the option it will offer, the two companies will be able to compare each other.


LinkedIn continues to make the platform useful with various updates. The platform is starting to inform companies about the level of competition in the social business network. Thus, it will help companies how to improve their pages.

From now on, there will be an option called ‘Competitors’ in the page analytics section on LinkedIn. From here, companies will have the opportunity to compare their social media pages with others.

Some criteria are considered in the intercompany comparison

Within the feature offered by LinkedIn, the comparison takes place depending on some criteria. These; The total number of followers the company has on its page, the number of new followers recently, the level of interaction received from the followers of the two compared pages, and the total posts on the page.

The update offered by LinkedIn offers insights into where many companies are lacking in terms of competition and where they can improve. With this update, people think that their pages can get better in terms of social media management.

Those interested in the social media space have concerns

Many people also have concerns about this. They think that companies will now put more pressure on them on social media management. On top of that, William Saulnier, Corporate Account Director, and Matt Navarra, Social Media Consultant, shared a post. He said that although this feature is new, most users already have the feature.

LinkedIn is welcome to treat its users with consideration

Although LinkedIn is sometimes on the verge of negative criticism, it is welcome that the company is so considerate of its users. At this point, the company hopes that the new feature it offers will be useful for many users and use it correctly.

What do you think about the new benchmarking feature coming to LinkedIn? What kind of contribution do you think it will make to businesses? Do not forget to let us know your ideas in the comments section.


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