Link to the worst musical instruments that can be in the Zelda game


Musical instruments in The Legend of Zelda are an iconic part of the series and play a key role in the story. They set the tone for every game and are often used for certain game mechanics. Of all the types of instruments used, woodwind instruments are the most common category. Ocarina, in particular, often appeared throughout the series in various forms. Nintendo prefers to choose certain musical instruments that create a pleasant melody. However, there are a few options that would be the worst tools Link could get in a Legend of Zelda game.

Ocarina is just one of the manifestations of woodwind instruments in the series. The first musical instrument Link can use is a voice recorder from the original Legend of Zelda. This will allow players to move into dungeons and open secret areas. In Wind Waker, Link doesn’t have a traditional tool. Instead, he controls the wind with a Wind Waker, similar to the baton of a conductor from the real world. Over the years, Nintendo has also tried a few more experimental tools. In Twilight Princess, Link turns into a wolf during the game. Interacting with a grass whistle or a howling stone, he will howl to different interpretations of classic songs from the series.

Link’s Awakening is one of the most interesting games in the franchise. You can find characters from Super Mario and Kirby, which helps create a truly unique experience. Unlike previous games, players receive eight different musical instruments in each dungeon. These are the Full Moon Cello, Conch Horn, Sea Lily Bell, Surf Harp, Wind Marimba, Coral Triangle, Evening Calm Organ and Thunder Drum. Link’s Awakening has changed the Legend of Zelda formula by adding eight musical instruments.

The link to The Legend of Zelda’s Worst Musical Items Could Be as Follows

So far, every musical instrument in the series has fit into the world of Legend of Zelda. However, there are a few notable tools that should not be implemented in future parts. For example, Link should never be given a Kazoo. Although Kazoo is similar to Recorder, it can annoy many listeners. Another bad choice for a future Zelda game would be a banjo. Although this musical instrument may not be the worst option, it does not fit into the universe of the game. The idea of Link walking around and pulling out a banjo to play Song Of Healing or Zelda’s Lullaby is pretty funny. The worst tool Link could use should be a slide whistle. Although there were many flutes in the series, the slide whistle is difficult to take seriously.

The Legend of Zelda has created amazing music from a variety of musical instruments. The team behind the sound design is phenomenal and can certainly work with Kazoo, Banjo or Slide Whistle in games in some way. However, to see Link carrying these tools with him would be comical in the Legend of Zelda game.


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