The Link Between the Electrical Activity in the Living Body and the Electrical Field in the Atmosphere


Scientists from Tel Aviv University have discovered a direct link between the low frequency electrical activity occurring in the body of living things and the electric field in the atmosphere.

The electrical activities occurring in the body of vertebrates and invertebrates have been ignored by scientists in terms of their source and medical potential for a long time due to their low frequency. However, a new study on the electrical activity of the bodies of living creatures can pave the way for new treatments for diseases such as epilepsy and parkinson’s, which are caused by abnormalities in electrical activity.

In the studies published by the University of Tel Aviv University’s Porter School of Environmental and Earth Sciences in the International Journal of Biometeorology, it is stated that there is a great similarity between the measurement values ​​of the global lightning activity in the atmosphere and the electrical activity of the bodies of living things.

The evolution of living things related to electrical activation is similar to the evolution of the eye
Prof. Researchers Colin Price said they assume that living organisms have evolved to use electricity in the environment. Price also noted that his living body evolved to use electricity on Earth, likening it to the billions of evolution of the eye against sunlight.

Natural electromagnetic resonance frequencies in the atmosphere, produced continuously by global lightning activities, provided electric fields for the development of electrical activity in the cells of living things. Professor Colin Price and colleagues ‘research shows that the electrical spectrum in some animals’ bodies is difficult to distinguish from the atmospheric electric field produced by lightning.

Professor In a statement about the study, Colin Price said that the similarity between the electrical activity of the human body and the electric field in the atmosphere could be used in the future to treat diseases caused by abnormal electrical activity in the body.

The scientists who conducted the study also examined other studies linking lightning to human and animal health during their research. Price says past studies are important to reveal a clear picture from their own work.

After the similarity between the electrical activity in the body of living things and the electric field created by lightning in the atmosphere, scientists decided to do more studies in this field. New experiments are now being designed to understand how this low-frequency electric field created by lightning impacts living organisms. Professor of the article about the study. Colin Price said that their first experiment was to examine the effect of the electrical field of the atmosphere on the photosynthesis of plants.


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