Link and how to download Among Us legally on your pc


We explain how to legally emulate the free version for mobile devices of Among Us on PC and Mac to enjoy the game at no cost. Whether or not you have played Among Us !, it is practically impossible that you have not heard of the current game .

The simple InnerSloth title is on everyone’s lips these days and is available for free for iOS and Android mobile devices , while for PC it costs about € 3.99 via Steam . Even so, there is a legal way to be able to play it both on PC and Mac without going through the box , so below we will explain it step by step and we provide the necessary links so that there is no possible loss.

How to play and download free Among Us! on PC and Mac

  • Download the app from the official InnerSloth website
  • Download the BlueStacks emulator on PC or Mac
  • We start the emulator and open the downloaded file that contains the Among Us! App.
  • In such a simple way and if we do not find any unexpected setback, we can now run
  • Among Us and enjoy the games we want alone or with our friends .

This emulator is used for other titles, but we recommend that they always be official applications offered by the development company itself in order to avoid derived problems. On the other hand, there are other similar emulators such as the one called GameLoop, which allows us to enjoy titles such as Call of Duty Mobile through PC (Windows 10) completely free of charge.

On the other hand, we remember that Among Us 2 has already been officially announced by its developers. They are currently working on this sequel, which will greatly improve many of the parameters and general performance of the current app. The reason for creating a new game instead of updating the current one is that “it involves a large number of changes and the game is very delicate”, so they prefer to add everything they have learned from the feedback received by the players in a new title.

“We fully agree with the use of Bluestack”

Given the commotion that has been generated by this news, at Meristation we have contacted the developers of Among Us! to ask if the use of a legal emulator like Bluestack seemed correct or not to play their title for free while on Steam at 3.99 euros. Lead programmer Forest Williard “fully agrees with using Bluestack to enjoy Among Us for free on PC” as “we continue to have support with ads and in-app purchases, so it’s good”.


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