Lindy’s magazine has published the 25 best preseason matches of college football


As we enter the heart of summer, the 2022 college football season is getting closer and closer. It’s time for Lindy’s Sports magazine to make a big forecast for the season.

Lindy’s recently released an announcement of the full season of American football in 2022. Naturally, this included their preseason ranking of the top 25.

But if you were hoping that Lindy would have big surprises, you’re wrong. The teams at the top of the food chain are, in fact, all those who have been fighting for the title over the past few years.

Alabama took first place, followed by Ohio State, Georgia and Clemson to fill the field for the college football playoffs. Texas A&M and Michigan were the first two.

Here are the 10 Best Lindy Teams in 2022:

Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, Clemson, Texas, A&MM, Michigan, Utah, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma.

The full ranking of the top 25 can be found in the official Lindy magazine here.

There aren’t many surprises from this list. For SEC fans, it could be Arkansas and Ole Miss, who are in the top 20, while no other SEC East team sees the list before Kentucky with 24.

Among the teams of the Group of Five, Cincinnati and Houston stand out the most with the 21st and 23rd places, respectively. They’re going to need undefeated seasons and a bit of Power Five chaos to make the College Football Playoffs regardless of who’s ranked somewhere right now.

What do you think about the rating? Are there any glaring changes that you would make to Lindy’s list?