Lindsay Lohan back in music, She reveals Back To Me


It’s official, Lindsay Lohan is back in music and she unveils Back To Me!

While Rihanna has just explained herself about the delay in the release of her next album , we have news from Lindsay Lohan … And they are good! After years of setbacks, she is back in force. Eh yes, the Lolita star despite me has just made her big comeback in music. An unexpected return but one that pleases its fans! In “Back to me” , she confides in her journey: “My life is full of torn pages, I was weak, contagious, but I come back, I come back to myself. Oh, but I know that everything changes, ( …) now I come back, I come back to myself. ”

Words that necessarily refer to her journey. Lindsay Lohan explained the theme and the lyrics of this new title via a publication on her Instagram account : “The song is about finding yourself and accepting (…) to move on and leave the past to the past and live in the present.” What do you think the meltynauts? We are waiting for your feedback! Otherwise, to start the weekend properly, we have prepared a special sports playlist to keep you in shape during confinement !

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