Lindsay Hubbard from Summer House said she talked to Austin Kroll after the Ciara Miller drama, hinting at the return of “Winter House”


Sorting things. Lindsay Hubbard has revealed that she and Austin Kroll are no longer at odds, despite a falling out last year.

The Hubb House founder hinted that she and the 34-year-old “Southern Charm” star are discussing the drama of their friendship, including controversial comments made by Kroll during his October 2021 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

At that time, Kroll preferred Ciara Miller, Hubbard’s partner in the film “Summer House”, rather than his longtime girlfriend when Hubbard was in the audience. Hubbard then stated that she needed a “break” in her friendship with the brewer.

In December 2021, a New Yorker exclusively informed us that she was ready to restore their friendship. “I don’t think our friendship is over,” Hubbard told us at the time. “I think he will recover, [but] he may not look the same as before.”

The publicist apparently revealed Tuesday that her drama “Summer House” with Kroll will also be covered in an upcoming reunion special.

“I wouldn’t say it’s explosive. It was interesting,” Hubbard told Us about the reunion. “I think some people take responsibility and others don’t. It was a classic situation with Lindsay, which is sad to see because you can’t blame me for everything in life.”

During the 6th season of “Summer House”, which was filmed before the quarrel between Hubbard and Kroll in WWHL, viewers watched as the love triangle of Kroll, Hubbard, Miller, 26, collapsed. According to Hubbard, this drama doesn’t end in the Hamptons. In fact, she teased that it could go into season 2 of “Winter Home.”

“I mean, look, like, Ciara’s relationship with Austin is now welcome, but you’ll also learn a lot [more] about what we’re discussing at the reunion,” Hubbard told us on Tuesday. “And there is also a whole TV show that you should also watch, called “Winter House”.

The drama between the trio arose during the filming of the first season of “Winter House” in February 2021, when Kroll fell in love with Miller, despite Hubbard revealing that she was in love with him. The tension spilled over to season 6 of “Summer House” after Hubbard and Kroll kissed during her birthday weekend, despite the fact that Miller made it clear that she still has feelings for the North Carolina native.

In addition to depicting the ups and downs between Miller and Kroll, Hubbard said that filming the new season of “Winter Home” was really fun because her boyfriend, Karl Radke, came to Vermont. Radke, 37, refused to participate in the first season of the spin-off about cold weather to focus on his sobriety. (Loverboy’s VP of sales exclusively confirmed to Us in January that he and Hubbard are dating.)

“I had a great time in the winter house. We did some classic winter classes, and this time it was nice to experience it with Carl,” Hubbard explained to Us. “And to be able to do it together in a relationship as a couple.”