Lindsay from Summer House: Paige got Ciara to “rekindle…


More than it seems at first glance. After an explosive fight between Ciara Miller and Danielle Olivera in The Summer House, Lindsay Hubbard said that Paige DeSorbo did not help the situation.

“I was very surprised to see how [Paige] got Ciara to provoke the violence that followed [with] wine at Andrea’s poor love dinner [Denver].

The publicist noted that she had a different opinion about her friendship with 29-year-old Paige before watching the season play out on screen.

“I really thought I had a good summer with Paige. I legitimately left summer [thinking]: “Wow, Paige and I got along better than before. We laughed and shared other things with each other. We talked more about different topics than last summer.” I was really surprised to see how much shit she was saying,” Lindsay shared with Us. “She would say something to my face, and then the door to her room would close, and she wanted to say all these nasty things about me.”

The friendship at the Summer House changed in season 6 when Austin Kroll from “Southern Charm” visited a house in the Hamptons. After chatting with 26-year-old Ciara during the “Winter House”, 34-year-old Austin caused tension between colleagues by kissing Lindsay. In a recent episode of the popular TV series Bravo, Ciara spoke out against Lindsay for not taking into account her feelings, which led to disastrous results.

“When Ciara started the conversation, it was quite clear to me that she wanted to talk and wanted me to listen to her. I knew that if I said anything, it would be World War III. So I stayed calm and didn’t get into a fight, which, to be honest, I thought was the most mature thing I could have done at that moment, considering how angry she looked. be,” Lindsay told Us about the episode with a hot dinner. “As soon as Ciara started crossing the line with verbal attacks on me, Danielle said: “Okay, I’ll draw the line. Like, that’s enough.”

After Ciara called Lindsay, 33-year-old Danielle stood up for her friend and got a glass of wine thrown at her. For Lindsay, Ciara’s reaction seemed unreasonable. “I just got him on the chin because I knew that if I got into a fight, he would explode. So Daniella decided to intervene, and it blew up anyway,” she said, noting that she kept her distance from the nurse after the summer events. “Maybe we could be in the same room together, but this is just not the person I want to see as a friend.”

Lindsay continued: “The friends I have in my life, my very best friends, they are all very inspiring women who are usually entrepreneurs and have deep connections. And I think Ciara, who is being treated [badly] by a guy and blames a girl for it, is not the friend I need.”

Ciara, for her part, previously told how the fight with Danielle turned into a physical one when at first she just wanted to talk to Lindsay. “It was a build-up of things. There were a lot of, you know, pent—up emotions that I kind of let go for a long time,” the Georgia native told us in January. “And to be honest, I came to this dinner very hot. There was a lot of information and I definitely reacted. I let my emotions get the better of me and I just lost [cool] to be honest.”

Reflecting on the drama between her and Ciara over Austin, Lindsay also noted that she was unaware of her partner’s feelings.

“I had no intention of taking revenge on Ciara. I wasn’t privy to any conversation where she talked about how much she liked Austin. I wasn’t in those rooms when she was crying about Austin,” she explained. “For example, if a guy shows you his true face and shows that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship and that he wants to be single, unfortunately, it was through me that Austin showed her this, but it shouldn’t be blamed on me.”