Lindsay Chrisley says she and Dad Todd Chrisley didn’t reconcile because of the trial: “Nothing like that”


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What really happened. Lindsay Chrisley set a record when and why she reconciled with her father, Todd Chrisley.

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“I think the most common question is people wanting to know if we reunited because of the court or because of my divorce,” the 31—year-old reality star explained during the recent release of her podcast “Southern Tea.” “I can tell you with confidence that there was no reconnection for any legal reasons. Nothing like this has ever happened.”

The co-host of the Coffee Convos podcast was previously estranged from the 53-year-old patriarch of the Chrisley family, but the duo reconciled earlier this year when Todd and his wife Julie Chrisley went on trial for tax fraud. In the end, Lindsay testified in defense of her father, telling the jury that his priorities were “children and a wife, in that order.”


While some fans have speculated that the father-daughter duo have reconciled because of the lawsuits, Lindsay said they actually left their tension when she split from husband Will Campbell. The 33-year-old personality from the USA and a graduate of the University of Georgia announced the dissolution of marriage in July 2021 after nine years of marriage.

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“After my divorce became public, my father wrote: “I’m here, I love you, whatever’s going on in your life right now, I can see it,” Lindsay recalls in her podcast. “It’s actually more like how we were able to reunite. So to answer that question—in short, it was definitely because of my divorce.”

Earlier this year, Lindsay spoke about how her father’s trial affected her relationship with Will, with whom she shares a son, Jackson, 10 years old.

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“[These] last two weeks have been the hardest and most insecure time I’ve ever felt in my life… and with the co-parenting schedule… it’s been a little hard to navigate,” she explained during the June episode of her “Coffee Convos podcast. “And usually Will is very good about the fact that if we come up with something and I give all the details or something else, it’s like, “It’s okay, we’ll switch.” But in this situation, I definitely feel that there was a little bit taken advantage of.”

Todd and Julie, 49, were convicted the same month on charges of bank fraud, tax fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud and conspiracy to defraud the United States. Julie was also convicted of obstruction of justice. The verdict is scheduled for October 6.

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After the conviction, Lindsay stated that Campbell did not offer support to her or her family.

“As you guys probably know, my parents were convicted last week, and it was Tuesday,” she recalled during the June episode of “Coffee Convos.” “And I sent Will a message, just to let him know, like, ‘Hi, by the way, this is what just happened. And please turn off the TVs. Please turn off the radio.” That’s all. I’ve been with Will for 12 years, and I’ve been in his family for 12 years, very closely in his family. And not a single person, including my ex-husband, has reached out to admit anything.”

In her latest podcast, the Georgia native urged listeners to follow her example and try to reconcile with family members if possible. “I will say that nothing is worth moving away from your family,” she said. “For example, swallow your pride, immerse yourself in your Bible, have conversations, because this is all the time that I can never get back.”


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