Lindinhas: Netflix says film is critical of early sexualization


In response to a strong public reaction on social media against an alleged hypersexualization of children in the movie Lindinhas, Netflix manifested itself today through a statement released in Variety magazine. “Lindinhas is a social comment against the sexualization of young children,” said the spokesman.

The statement reinforces the position of French director Maïmouna Doucouré, who says that the film does exactly the opposite of what is accused in the media, that is, it makes a denunciation and a criticism against child exposure.

Netflix’s position

In its argument, Netflix declares that Lindinhas “is an award-winning film and a powerful story about the pressure that girls face on social media and society in general during their growth phase – and we encourage anyone who cares about these important issues to watch the movie “.

The controversy about Lindinhas is not new, and started in August still in its launch marketing, when showing in the new poster of the film the little girls in costumes and sensual poses. At the time, Netflix apologized for the ad and acknowledged it was “deeply sorry for the inappropriate art”.

Despite publicly acknowledging that the poster “is not ok and does not represent the film”, the platform continued to receive criticism, which became more intense after its release on streaming last Wednesday (9). That day, the hashtag #cancelnetflix on Twitter ranked first in the United States’ trending topics.

The director’s message

The title remains available on the platform. Autobiographical account, acknowledges Doucouré, the plot shows the girl Amy “navigating between two models of femininity – one represented by the traditional beliefs of her Muslim mother and the other by the dance company ‘Fofinhas'”.

Amy believed she would find her freedom through dance and hypersexualization. “However, Doucouré asks,” is this really true freedom? “This seems to be the big question for the film that, perhaps because of a clumsy marketing strategy, has not reached the public.


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