Linda Hardy (Tomorrow belongs to us) is injured on the set!


On her social media, Linda Hardy said she was quite badly injured on the set of Tomorrow belongs to us. Being an actor is good. This allows us to earn a living, to travel, to meet beautiful people, … Despite everything, this does not prevent us from getting injured at times. Proof of this is with Linda Hardy, hurting herself on the set of Tomorrow belongs to us.

Some will no doubt wonder how the actors can hurt themselves while turning in this series. It is true that it makes more sense to hear that Tom Cruise breaks his arm or leg on the set of Mission Impossible rather than on the TF1 series.

However, the actors can indeed hurt themselves even while turning in a soap opera as “quiet” as Tomorrow belongs to us. Well if some still doubt it, we invite them to see the latest shot of Linda Hardy, showing her sore to her fans.

What a sore spot by the way. Because yes, after hitting a camera, the actress’s eye would turn all blue. She had felt the blow. Since a few days before the blue really came out, she warned her fans by revealing a first shot:

“Camera shot today gave me a really bad sore. I think I’ll have a little bruise tomorrow. “Hey, the Tomorrow belongs to us actress wasn’t lying …


Because if you have taken a look at the above snapshot, you can appreciate the violence of the injury. Did the actress rush into the camera in question to make herself look so blue? We don’t really know how it turned out.

In any case, count on the Tomorrow belongs to us actress to give you the news. As she just did a few hours ago, saying: “After the shooting incident yesterday”. No doubt as the week goes on she will continue to provide news.

Just to tell us if his eye is still swelling, purple, or if the injury is starting to heal. We hope Linda Hardy is doing better soon enough. Indeed, because of his injured eye, it could prevent him from filming in the next episodes.

Unless the producers of Tomorrow belongs to us find a story that can match this eye in the rest of the episodes.


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