Linda Hamilton is right about the future of the Terminator franchise


Although the star of the series Linda Hamilton offered two different options for the future of the Terminator franchise, both of her suggestions were better than the current direction of the films. No one knows where the Terminator franchise should go better than Linda Hamilton. The star of the grim original “Terminator” 1984 directed by James Cameron, Hamilton returned in the sequel of the 1990s “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” and turned the already memorable heroine Sarah Connor into a cult legend of science fiction.

However, Hamilton’s next return to the franchise was, to put it mildly, less triumphant. Hamilton reprised the role of Sarah Connor in 2019’s Terminator: Dark Fates, a belated reboot that received mostly poor reviews and an unsatisfactory box office. Therefore, it is not surprising that the actor does not have high hopes for the future of the franchise.

Linda Hamilton was asked about the future of the Terminator franchise in January 2020, and both of her suggestions were compelling options for the series. The actress said she would be happy to see a smaller, less ambitious (and with a smaller budget) exit that wasn’t as much hyped as the mistaken Terminator: Dark Fates, or leave the franchise completely behind. These two ideas were not only solid in terms of Hamilton’s involvement in the Terminator franchise, but also the only good ideas for the series as a whole. A less budget-friendly, smaller-scale chase thriller, similar to the original Terminator, will allow the films to regain their former appeal, while simply ending the franchise and avoiding further reboots (and new timelines) will at least preserve the memory of the series. far away.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Linda Hamilton first said that she “would be very grateful, perhaps, for a smaller version, where so many millions are not at stake,” and then added an addition, saying that she would also “be very happy never to come back… I would really love to do”. The recent failure of Terminator: Dark Fates makes these comments unsurprising, but the options are far from just sour grapes and deserve serious consideration. Hamilton noted that the huge budget of “Terminator: Dark Fates” forced the franchise to turn the film into a large-scale blockbuster, which contradicted the attempts of the sequel to make a darker, harsh and down-to-earth approach to the material.

Similarly, the option of simply ending the franchise with Terminator: Dark Fates should not be immediately discounted as a reaction to the failure of the sequel. “Terminator: Dark Fates” was not the first case of financial failure of the Terminator franchise: the last three films in this series failed to reach the planned box office. Similarly, every Terminator movie since 2003’s Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines has received average or frankly bad reviews, which means that the poorly received sequels of the franchise outweigh its hits by a ratio of two to one. With such an average, it’s not surprising that the star of the Terminator franchise, Linda Hamilton, felt that the series should radically change or disappear — and the actor’s words remain a fair summation of the options left for the series.