Lincoln the Lawyer Season 2: Everything We Know


Warning: contains spoilers for the first season of the TV series “Lincoln’s Lawyer”.

The 1st season of the TV series “Lincoln’s Lawyer” has been fully released on Netflix, and here is everything that is known about the 2nd season of “Lincoln’s Lawyer”, which has been officially confirmed. Season 1 of Netflix’s “Lincoln the Lawyer” adapts “The Copper Verdict,” Michael Connelly’s second 2007 Mickey Holler novel, in addition to some material from his original book, “Lincoln the Lawyer.” There are a few more books, so there’s still a lot of material to build on without worrying about the connection between the Netflix series “Lincoln the Lawyer” and Bosch on Amazon Prime.

The main plot of the first season of “Lincoln Advocate” is taken from the “Copper Verdict”, as it tells about the return of Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) to law after a long absence and addiction to prescription painkillers. However, in addition to the Elliott case, Haller Garcia-Rulfo also dealt with several plots from The Lincoln Lawyer, Michael Connelly’s first 2005 book about Mickey Holler, which was adapted into a film of the same name with Matthew McConaughey in 2011. The stories of Harold “Hard Case” Casey and, most importantly, Jesus Menendez, an innocent man serving a life sentence on murder charges.

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The first season of “Lincoln Advocate” ends with a cliffhanger. While the main case was resolved with the help of the “bear verdict”, questions related to several characters remained unanswered, and the man who is believed to be the killer is watching Mickey Haller. Here’s everything you need to know about the second season of the Netflix series “Lincoln’s Lawyer.”

Has the TV series “Lincoln’s Lawyer” been renewed for season 2?

As of June 2022, Netflix has officially confirmed that season 2 of Lincoln Advocate consists of 10 episodes intended to adapt The Fifth Witness, Connelly’s fourth Mickey Holler novel. This is good news for the series, as it was already clear that screenwriter David E. Kelly had plans to continue the characters’ stories in another season. Similarly, another TV adaptation of Michael Connelly’s work, “Bosch”, lasted 7 seasons before ending and returning under the title “Bosch: Legacy”. There was clearly enough space for the second season of the TV series “Lincoln the Lawyer”, and, fortunately, Netflix decided that the series was successful enough to continue it.

How Lincoln the Lawyer Sets Up Season 2

When Mickey Haller manages to prove Jesus Menendez’s innocence, the big question remains: who really killed Marta Renteria? This question forms a huge part of Mickey Haller’s first book. In the season 1 finale of “Lincoln the Lawyer,” the tattooed man who allegedly killed Marta Renteria is shown watching Mickey Haller, which matches the narrative of this character in the book and suggests that Netflix always planned to adapt this plot for season 2 of “Lincoln the Lawyer.” In addition to the story of “The Fifth Witness,” next season will also need to explore the stories of Lorna Taylor (Becky Newton) going to law school and Cisco (Angus Sampson) paying off his debt to “Holy Roads.”

Actors of the second season of the TV series “Lincoln the Lawyer”: possible new and returning characters

After the thrilling finale of the first season of “Lincoln Advocate,” most of the actors are likely to return, with the notable exception of Trevor Elliott (Christopher Gorham). Although they may seem like minor characters, Sam Scales and Gloria Dayton will most likely return in the second season of “Lincoln Advocate,” but not in cameo roles, but in larger roles. Other characters from the Lincoln Lawyer book related to the Marta Renteria case include Louis Ross Roulet, who hires Mickey Haller; Elizabeth Windsor, his mother; and Cecil S. Dobbs, their business attorney. This means that all of these characters may appear in the second season of “Lincoln the Lawyer” as the story continues.

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Projected release date of the second season of the TV series “Lincoln Advocate”

Since “Lincoln Advocate” has already been officially renewed for season 2, production probably won’t take long. The team already had ideas outlined for the second season, so since it was updated so quickly, Netflix can easily stick to the traditional “one season a year” model, and the release date for the second season of The Lincoln Lawyer could be as early as May. 2023. All of this, of course, assumes that Netflix will be able to solve its problems with the loss of subscribers and that the pandemic does not cause too many delays with filming.