Lily-Rose Depp: her sponsors have a very sulphurous reputation!


In addition to having famous parents, Lily-Rose Depp is also fortunate to have very famous sponsors … With a sulphurous reputation!

Lily-Rose Depp is the only daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp. The young woman has a well-known family … but also incredible sponsors!

It has now been 21 years since Lily-Rose Depp came to Neuilly-sur-Seine. The young woman quickly grew! The daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp is already a real star.

It is a hit in the world of cinema. Indeed, she has the presence of her father and the charisma of her mother. A beautiful mixture which is therefore noticeable on the big screen.

The pretty blonde was fortunate enough to learn the trade from legendary Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp. She has also made a name for herself in the fashion world thanks to the French icon Vanessa Paradis.

And in addition to having popular parents, Lily-Rose Depp is also fortunate to have two very famous sponsors. So there is the singer Marilyn Manson and the photographer François-Marie Banier.

You most certainly know Marilyn Manson. The rock singer, his real name Brian Warner is a great friend of his father.


Besides, he is always there to support Johnny in his current problems. Remember! Jack John Christopher Depp III’s father has been accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife Amber Head.

A difficult period during which he saw who was really there for him. Marilyn Manson is therefore very attached to Lily-Rose Depp.

This is what he had confided to our colleagues in the Daily Beast: “Lily-Rose is my goddaughter and I was there when (her son) Jack was born, so we have known each other for a long time.”

The second sponsor of Lily-Rose Depp is a well-known photographer. François-Marie Banier was of considerable importance in the Bettencourt affair. It is now part of the life of the young actress.

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