Lily-Rose Depp masked in the streets of Paris with Vanessa Paradis!


Lily-Rose Depp made a rare public appearance! The young actress appeared masked in the streets of Paris with Vanessa Paradis!

It’s been weeks since Lily-Rose Depp has given any sign of life. Confined to Paris with Vanessa Paradis, the latter made a rare public appearance. With a mask…

Exit Los Angeles and its magnificent spots. Since the first day of confinement, Lily-Rose Depp has taken up residence in Paris. In their beautiful family apartment.

The pretty model is accompanied by her mother, Vanessa Paradis and her little brother. Jack. A month ago, Lily-Rose’s mom was giving an interview to Quotidien.

Very discreet about her private life, the actress gave news of her children. They are confined with her to a Parisian apartment. The opportunity for viewers to catch up on news from the whole little tribe.

Vanessa Paradis therefore explained to Yann Barthès how she spent her days. With daughter and son. “We make cakes. And we sing a lot. And then we play board games, ”she said, amused.

That’s not all. The latter also noted that Vanessa Paradis had very specific tastes in terms of decoration.

“There are flowers everywhere. On your bed, on your dress, it’s beautiful, “he said. To which the singer answered: “It was to make a little more joyful on TV”, justified the ex of Johnny Depp.

A few days ago, the paparazzi thus saw Lily-Rose Depp. In the streets of the Capital. And she was not alone, on the contrary!

Very little active on Instagram since the confinement, the last post of Lily-Rose Depp dates back to April 21. She thus wished a happy birthday to the director Rebecca Zlotoswki.

Since then, radio silence. The pretty Channel model is very discreet, preferring to spend time with family.

But that was of course without counting on the paparazzi. The latter continue to track down Johnny Depp’s daughter in Paris.

So, the day before yesterday, the pretty blonde was walking through the posh streets of Paris. Accompanied by her mother. The pretty blonde was therefore of course wearing a mask to protect herself from the covid-19.

The Daily Mail therefore published photos of Lily-Rose Depp in Paris yesterday. She wore a black mini skirt. A white top with bare shoulders. And Air Jordan sneakers from Nike to complete it all.

Vanessa Paradis, for her part, therefore opted for a hat and a large jacket. So she was carrying a canvas bag under her arm to go shopping.

Divorced from Thimotée Chalamet, Lily-Rose can therefore count on her family. She is surrounded by her loved ones to change her mind … In these complicated times.


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