Lily-Rose Depp is in the footsteps of her mother Vanessa Paradis!


Lily-Rose Depp walks on the traced path of her mother Vanessa Paradis. Yes, the daughter of Johnny Depp follows the path of the children of stars.

Vanessa Paradis’ daughter Lily-Rose Depp seems to be following a clear path. Indeed, the young star child embraces a career as fruitful as that of his mother.

Like many star children, Lily-Rose Depp also follows in her parents’ footsteps. Or at least, from Vanessa Paradis, her mother.

If the era of “Joe Le Taxi” is far behind, Lily-Rose Depp has a boulevard straight ahead. Yep, the child star has already made a name for himself in Hollywood.

It must be said that at 21 years old, Johnny Depp’s daughter has everything to succeed. His parents both rolled their bump in the cinema, but also in the song, for Vanessa.

Since 2015, her daughter Lily-Rose Depp has become, like her, the face of a luxury house. And not the least since it is the prestigious Chanel house.

A path that his mother had already taken 30 years earlier. At the time, Vanessa Paradis was just starting to collaborate with the house of Number 5 perfume.

As a “daughter of”, there is no denying the fact that Lily-Rose has had a little boost in her career. However, her acting skills are well established.

The young artist has more than one string to her bow, and the 7th art is definitely part of it. The starlet has previously shared the poster with big names like Robert Pattinson in the movie “The King”, released in 2019.

Or with Mélanie Thierry in La Danseuse, released in 2016. A film in which Lily-Rose Depp therefore appears just 16 years old.

Between modeling, show business and cinema, we can therefore say, the next generation is guaranteed! In any case, she has her destiny in her hands.


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