Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell are now engaged


After several months of relationship, Lily Collins announced that she will marry her boyfriend Charlie McDowell and shared details of this special moment.

Lily Collins has shown her talent and beauty in different entertainment productions, but the British actress is about to start a new stage in her life now that she got engaged to Charlie McDowell, find out how this romantic event happened.

Although Lily was previously romantically related to some acting figures, in 2019 she began a relationship with film director Charlie McDowell. The couple have taken an important step in their relationship, as they have just announced their engagement to the public.


Lily Collins is a fan of sharing images of her travels as a couple on her Instagram account, however, their most recent adventure together had a surprise prepared for her.

The 31-year-old actress posted a set of photos where she and Charlie reconnected with nature and enjoyed the sun in a rocky area, but the best thing about these images is that they captured the moment when the American-born film director met kneel in front of her to ask her to marry him. AWW!


Lily did not hesitate to share closely the ring she had just received and her emotion with Charlie, so her fans have left many comments congratulating the couple.

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