Lilly Singh: About one day of my life


The Canadian’s new book, which will appear on the shelves on Tuesday, April 5, helps readers learn to accept themselves and find inner peace, abandoning the harsh expectations that people often place on themselves. Singh wants her readers to “be a triangle,” which means they will create a solid foundation for their lives that they will always return to when life gets tough.

“This book is not about giving you an unrealistic amount of tasks to add to your day,” the host of A Little Late With Lilly Singh wrote on Instagram last month. “It’s not about introducing you to new activities that you should devote your morning to. It’s just rethinking, organizing and exploring what’s already there. You are already completed. It’s just food for the soul.”

She added that the idea of the book came to her after she realized that she had a template when she talks about her past. “Whenever I was asked to describe myself, I instinctively talked about all the difficulties I had to go through,” the comedian recalled. “I used to have depression,” “I had a very difficult childhood,” or “XYZ was very hard for me.” On reflection, I realize that I’m doing this because it’s primarily how I think about myself. I’m thinking about the pain. And I don’t like it.”

The actress, who is going to play the lead role in the upcoming Disney+ series about the Electric Mayhem Band The Muppets, continued, explaining: “To fight this, I realized that I need to do work to define myself by my potential, not by my capabilities. pain. It means finding out who you are, beyond the obstacles you’ve faced, and believing in everything you can be.”

Scroll down to watch one day in Singh’s life:

9:00 a.m.

Straight to work. Singh goes to the studio to rewrite the dialogues for the upcoming animated film “Bad Guys”. (She is voiced by Tiffany Fluffy.) “It’s a struggle because I have a ‘morning voice’ until noon,” she said. “Oh. But I can’t wait for you all to see [the film] on April 22!”

11:00 a.m.

Writing the material. “MY GOD! I’m holding my new book in my hands for the first time,” the YouTuber said about her self—help guide “Be a Triangle.” “Dear aunt, stop pestering me to have children, this is my baby!”


Getting the glamour. “One of us needs a hair and makeup team to get ready for the shoot,” the comedian told us. “The other one woke up like this. My dog is prettier than me.”
Disclosure. “My stylists asked: “How much bigger do you want to be,” and I said, “Yes,” Singh joked. “I’m doing my best for this shoot and I don’t regret anything! This is my favorite image to date.”

8:00 P.M.

Fantastic. “Work hard and support your favorite team harder,” said the Ontario native. “No matter what city I am in, I will always remain a Toronto Raptors girl. We are the North!”


Hang up! “You can’t just take off your makeup without taking a selfie first!” said Singh. “A wonderful productive day, now I’m going to bed to have a good rest… jk, I’ll toss and turn for two hours, coming up with problems in my brain. Toodles!”