Lilibet Diana’s Godfather Pays a Visit to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, to Whom He Once Provided a Home in 2020


In order to become financially independent, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced in January 2020 that they were giving up their royal duties. However, after arriving in the United States of America, the couple had a lot of problems with self-affirmation. A man from Hollywood helped them a lot. He is none other than Tyler Perry, who is also the godfather of Lilibet Diana. On the eve of the king’s coronation, the Hollywood mogul visited the Sussex house worth $ 14.7 million.

Over the weekend, the Hollywood giant was spotted visiting the California royals in his $200,000 Lamborghini Urus. After boarding his $125 million private jet in Los Angeles, the tycoon flew to Santa Barbara. According to the Daily Mail, Perry and Sussex were together for about 2 hours. After visiting Sussex, the actor-director went to his home in Atlanta, Georgia. The plane he used to return was the same one he landed on with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex when they left royal duties in London in 2020.

When the couple tried to settle in the US, they stayed at Perry’s big house many times in 2020. Wearing a black-collared T-shirt, with a bottle in his hand filled with some dark liquid, Perry visited the Sussex family amid talk of their presence at the coronation of the king in May.

Now that the invitation is official, will the Sussex attend the historic ceremony?

Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend the King’s coronation?

It will be a historic moment for the royal family and the world to witness the coronation of King Charles. Because of their Netflix documentary series and the Duke’s memoir Spare; there are strings stretched between the royal family and the Sussex. While people are wondering whether former members of the royal family will attend the historic event, neither side has yet made an official statement. However, a spokesman for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex told The Times that they had received an email from the king’s office.

King Charles Asks Archbishop for Deal allowing Harry and Meghan to attend Coronation

— Daily Express (@Daily_Express) January 29, 2023

However, they did not confirm their presence. Although a royal commentator named Richard Fitzwilliams said it was better for the Sussex not to stay away from the historical event. Meanwhile, there were rumors that the king was trying to get his son back. But the author of “Spare” wanted the members of the royal family to apologize for what they did wrong with his wife.

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