Lili Reinhart talks about the importance of body positive


Lili Reinhart talks about body positive after confessing how difficult it was to record “Riverdale.” The actress, who has been known for speaking openly about mental health, her preferences and above all destroying the rumors that surround her personal life, decided to open up with the public about her work as “Betty Cooper”, because although the series can be considered stereotyped, she had to face some challenges.

According to an interview for the LA Times, Lili Reinhart took up an episode in her career that was difficult for her and decided to speak the truth. During the last season of the series “Riverdale”, “Betty” appears in a scene with intimate clothing and although it seems somewhat easy, given that she is an actress, it was the opposite.

Lili explains that it is something she did not want to do, but she recorded it at the end of the day because it is her job, she also clarified that no one forced her to do it, it was her decision to go ahead with these scenes, but she did not feel comfortable with herself, because he considers that he did not have the aesthetic body that is expected from a youth series.

The actress did not tell anyone about her discomfort, but she decided to use body positive, not for herself, because she confessed that she cannot preach something that she does not apply to herself, but she did it for the girls who watch the show so that get to know what their body is really like and feel that they can be that way too, as he described the image of CW as girls with waists and nice legs.

Reinhart continued with the interview and said that she has also opened up about certain aspects of her life so that people do not take certain things with surprises, although she does not owe explanations to anyone, but revealing her bisexuality was a decision of trust and comfort with her itself.


Finally, she took the issue of her partner Vanessa Morgan, who argued that the series gives characters of color little opportunity to grow in history, Lili believes that the same thing will happen as with her, certain stereotypes will be broken, in her case of the body. . For her part, Vanessa could hope that from now on the showrunner will give more importance to her and others.

Lili also recently expressed that she does not want to be compared to Betty Cooper, because she is far from being the same as her Riverdale character.


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